09 октября 2014

qoute i liked:
"As he proceeds from the bodies to
the faces it must seem to him as though he stepped from
a wind-swept distance into a room in which many men
are gathered. Here everything is crowded and dim
and the mood of an interior predominates under the
arches of the brow and in the shadows of the mouth.
Over the bodies there is always change, an ebb and
flood like the dashing of waves. The faces possess
an atmosphere like that of rooms in which many things
have happened, joyous and tragic incidents, experiences
deadening or full of expectation. No event has entirely
passed, none has taken the place of the other,
one has been placed beside the other and has remained
there and has withered like a flower in a glass. But
he who comes from the open out of the great wind
brings distance into the room."

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